This page is a resource for church Pastors and administrative staff. If you are looking for Assembly information go to and if you are looking to register go to

Important Dates

Mid-August: Online registration opens
September 18, 25, & October 2, 9: Assembly promotion in churches:
October 11: Registration closes
October 24: List of Voting Delegates due to the Regional Office
November 4 and 5: Regional Assembly

How to Register

Online Registration (prefered)

Registration link:
The online registration form is available to all those attending assembly. The form will allow individuals and families to register on one form gathering all the information needed by the Regional Office.

Paper Form

Individual Registration Form Download link: English | Español
Church Registration Form Down: English | Español
Church pastors/offices may also collect paper registration forms and fees from individuals and submit those to the regional office. It is preferred with this menthod that individuals pay the church and the church write one check to the Region.

If the church is paying part of the registration cost

If your church would like to pay part (or all) of the registration cost for some (or all) attendees from your church, here is what you do:

    1. Contact the Regional Office with the details of how you want to subsize costs (see example)
    2. The Regional Office will give the church office or pastor a coupon code
    3. The church office or pastor will give that code to the appropriate people in your church
    4. Individuals will use that code on the online registration form and their cost will be reduced
    5. After registration closes (October 11) the Regional Office and church office will determine the amount of the check that the church office will send to the region based on registrations

Example: your church would like to the full cost of registration ($40) for your minister and seven voting representatives and pay for half the cost of registration ($20) for anyone else from the church who registers. In this case the Regional Office would provide you with two different coupon codes, one for your minister and voting delegates, and one for everyone else, which you would pass along to those who need it. In this example, lets say that in addition to the minister and representatives you have three additional registrations. Your church office would send a check for $380.

We have a lot of flexibility in how this works, including the ability to limit the number coupons that can be used. Contact Matt at the Regional Office if you have any questions.

Voting Representatives

What are voting representatives?

At Regional Assembly a portion of our time will be to conduct business, including: electing nominations for the Offices, and At-Large members of the Administrative Council and Mission Focus Team; as well as decide on resolutions or by-law changes. While all are welcome to participate the business session, and when appropriate comment, only voting representatives will participate in voting.

All Arizona Disciples clergy with standing and All Officers and current members of the Administrative Council and Mission Focus Team are automatically voting representatives in addition to the allowed representatives (see below.)

How many voting representatives does our church have?

All congregations receive a minimum of 7 voting representatives for Regional Assembly, and additional representatives based off of number of participating members as reported to the Yearbook office. To see your congregation’s total number view the list at

How do we identify our voting participants?

After registration closes on October 11 the Regional Office will send your church office and pastor a listing of all registrants from your congregation. Church offices and pastors will then return to the Regional Office (region@azdisciples.or) a listing of voting participants no later than October 24.

Promotional Materials

While the Regional Office will promote Assembly via email, Facebook, and our website, churches remain the most important part of Assembly promotion. As Arizona Disciples, your promotion and participation in Assembly are what make it meaningful for our communities, our region, and our wider church. If you have any questions about promotion, please contact Matt ( or 602-468-3815).

Promoting Regional Assembly

Start today and set aside special time each Sunday from Sept. 18 – Oct. 9.

Regional Assembly promotion at your church can begin the day you receive these materials. On the four Sundays prior to registration closing we are asking all our congregations to take extra time during each worship service to encourage registration. We will provide special materials to help, but your pastor and leadership’s encouragement and endorsement will be most effective.

Before September 18

The Regional Office has begun promoting Regional Assembly on our websites ( and as well as on Facebook and via our regular email EAZ Newsletter. Your congregation is welcome to share any of these promotions via your social media and electronic correspondence. We have several graphics you can download and use in any publications or during worship services at

On September 18

On Sunday, September 18 please help us kick off Assembly promotion in every Arizona Disciples congregation. Setting aside a few moments during your announcements and promotion in your bulletin/newsletter will be greatly appreciated. You might use an announcement like this:

“Every two years we gather together with all Arizona Discples at Regional Assembly. It is a time where we worship together, learn together, and grow together as one church. Our theme this year calls us to Prophetic Unity, or Unidad Profética! Unity has been a central theme throughout Disciples history. True unity requires mutual respect and affirmation, shared power and resources, and the freedom to maintain and celebrate our own uniqueness while being in relationship with one another. As a member or friend of ____________ church you are invited and welcome to join in this bilingual and multicultural experiance. Learn more about the assembly or register at, and ask ____________ if you would like to be a voting representative from ______________ church.”

Please also have a few flyers on bulletin boards and available to take home.

September 19 through October 9

In the coming weeks each church office will receive an email with promotional materials that can be used each Sunday from September 18 through October 9. Additionally, materials for social media and email will be available below. All materials will also be available at Feel free to use these however best fits your congregation. Registration closes on October 11, so each of these four Sundays will be important.

Promotional Materials

Registration Forms

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Social Media Graphics

Powerpoint Slides

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Download Paper Registration

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